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Immigrant workers, families and students are a vital part of our communities and deserve the chance to live in dignity, not in fear. Unfortunately, our country is growing increasingly hostile to immigrants – deportations have increased dramatically, children are being separated from their parents, Muslims and refugees are being targeted and students and workers don't have the chance to reach their full potential. We work with grassroots immigrant leaders to oppose these unjust policies, and advocate for something better: a country where everyone has a fair chance, no matter where you come from. That's why we're fighting for proactive measures, like drivers licenses for all, full funding of immigrant integration programs and language access programs at schools and state government.

We have several specific programs in our immigrants rights department:

Legal and Language Services

In addition to our work as organizers and advocates, we provide immigration legal services and English classes. Michigan United's Detroit and Kalamazoo offices are fully recognized and accredited by the US Department of Justice to practice immigration law, and we offer many services, such as DACA application and renewal, green card application and renewal, citizenship application and referral. We also offer English classes in both locations.

Border Civil Rights 

Michigan is a border state, and as a result, immigrant communities' civil rights are often violated by the Border Patrol. Racial and religious profiling and harassment by Border Patrol are too common. We're fighting to hold the Border Patrol accountable and demand an end to the over-policing of immigrant communities.


Women are often the backbone of immigrant communities, but do not get the training, support or recognition that they deserve. WE LEAD is a leadership development and apprenticeship program designed to enhance the ability of women in immigrant communities to take on leadership roles and provide basic immigration services. The program aims to provide pathways to living wage jobs in the legal services and non-profit fields.

Justice and  Dignity 

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