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Don't miss the People's Summit Town Hall

As we witnessed in January, the fight for racial equity, justice, immigrants' rights, jobs, and dignity isn't over. Michiganders are up against a well-funded and organized right-wing opponent. We need your help to build a movement for justice and dignity!


Join us on March 27, 2021, for our 2021 People's Summit. The 2021 People's Summit is a day-long event that grows the movement.


The 2021 People's Summit includes exciting panels, panelists, speakers, strategic planning, and how you can get active in 2021. We can't wait to see you at the People's Summit.

Speakers and Panelists 



Our Vote Is Our Power: Racial Justice and Redistricting

This discussion covers the importance of redistricting for economic and racial justice and how we can take action to have fair maps.​

Woman Building Power to Win

A conversation on political power-building conversation amongst women who have or are thinking of running for office.

How Did We Get Here: The origin story of our political and economic moment

A political education session on how race, class, and gender have been used to stack the rules of our government and economy in favor of the 1%.

Invest in Our Dreams: How the Infrastructure Bill Could Fund a Just, Sustainable Economy

Congress is trying to pass a massive infrastructure bill this session. What if those funds could be directed toward making our economy green, prosperous and just?

Building Unity Among Immigrant Communities in the Face of Nativism

A discussion amongst the many different immigrant groups and leaders about how we can unify against nativism, white nationalism, and seize the moment to win legalization.

Reshaping Public Safety

A discussion about reshaping the future of public safety, with panelists from the Neighborhood Defender Service in Detroit, the Michigan Commission on Law Enforcement Standards, and the Wayne County Sheriff's Office. Panel topics include policing, mass incarceration, mental health, the school-to-prison pipeline, and strategies to organize for real, lasting change.




The 2021 People's Summit workshops led are by experienced facilitators are designed to give you the skills and knowledge, and diverse perspectives to grow the movement for justice and dignity. Click the button below to attend these exciting workshops




If you can't make it to our workshops, join us for our 2021 People's Summit Town Hall at 1:15 pm. At the Town Hall, we discuss how we can come together as brothers and sisters to fight against the current oppression. Click the link below and join us. With your help, we can fight and win. 




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