Our Staff


Our staff is working hard across the state to develop campaigns, train leaders and win justice. Please get in touch if you'd like to learn more about their work.


 Senior  Staff 

Ken R. Whittaker

Executive Director, Ext. 703

Eric Ini

Environmental Justice Organizing Director

Roland Leggett

Director of Movement Politics

Nicole Alequin

Deputy Executive Director,

Ext. 704

Adonis Flores

Immigrants Rights Director,
Ext. 708

Jill Murphy

Hometown Voices Director

Megan O'Brien

Co-Organizing Director of Strategy Ext. 713

Elder Leslie Matthews

Criminal Justice and Faith in Justice Program Director

Ext. 715

Angana Shah

Policy Manager

 Get  Involved 

Whether it's knocking doors, making calls or staffing events,
we're always open to more volunteers. 

 Detroit  Area Staff

Diego Bonesatti 

Legal Services Director

John Keller

Movement Politics Deputy


Elouise Garley

Immigrant Rights Organizer

Stuart Inahuazo

Immigrant Rights Organizer

Casey Copp

Real Recovery Organizer

Herman Starks

Deputy Director- Relational Organizing Project

Lakisha Watson-Moore

Deputy Communications Coordinator

Yesenia Baldivia

Legal Services Coordinator

Natalie Sidor

Training Director

Nick O'Keefe

Movement Politics Organizer

Theresa Mitchell

Political Organizer

Aurora Sauceda

Healthcare Navigator Coordinator

Yesenia Baldivia-Zarate

Immgration Team

Erik Shelley

Communications Coordinator, Ext. 720

Glenn Vaughn

Workers' Rights Organizer

Tripp Frank

Volunteer Coordinator

Audrey Gerard

Lead Relational Organizer

Steven James

Data Manager

Susan Matthews

Deep Canvas Organizer

 Administrative  Team

 Flint  Area Staff

Rev. Monica Villareal

Flint Community Organizer,
Ext. 714

Frances Barber

Operations Manager, Ext. 716

 Hometown Voices  Organizer

Hometown Voices Organizer

 West Michigan  Staff

Alex Pulido

Kalamazoo Immigration Services Coordinator, Ext. 705

Daniel Caracheo

Immigrant Rights Organizer

Ed Genesis

Kalamazoo Criminal Justice and West Michigan Lead Organizer, Ext. 702

Leticia Heusties

Grand Rapids Immigrants Rights Organizer,  Ext. 710

Justice and  Dignity